Social Media Growth In 2021

Facebook Adverts. How powerful can they be? As an agency, we can help you; Tap Into Recent Purchasing Behavior for Facebook Users. Even layer targeting audiences, one on top of one another, gradually making your audience more and more specific. Sounds tricky? If you’re boosting ads, then you should give us a call.

A recent survey showed the majority of respondents noted their social media consumption was 72% greater than pre-pandemic levels & posting was up by 43%. If your business is not already using social media, then there could be a void between you and your potential clients!

While the usage of social media is steady these days, the way we are using these platforms is changing with messenger services growing. The number of customer inquiries via messenger is also growing compared to inquiries from the phone, of course, depending on the industry at times. The reason might be that it’s convenient, fast, and affordable for both businesses and customers. Improve the connection between your business and customers with messenger ads exposure! Headway Information Services are also servicing customer requests via social media messages. Contact us for more information today. We are online right now: Chat Now: