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NEED A IT NERD? Onsite & Remote IT Support / Computer Repair / Training and Troubleshooting Tips for Beginners to Pros

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Local Tech Support for all your Computer needs

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 Need a IT Nerd? We have been servicing the Gold Coast to Brisbane and remote areas for the last 4 years, building a loyal customer base where you can get the same superior Computer Repair and Customer Service every time.

Our Mac specialist has worked for Apple for 5 years, is Certified in Hardware and Software for Mac and IOS. Has also trained employees at a Market Level in London.

We also have a Microsoft Certified Technician in Hardware and Software, Office 365 Networking and Servers. Together we have over 10 years experience in Servicing, Training and upgrading Computer and Networking services.

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$110 per hour Onsite Computer Repair and Support, NO Call out fee, $27.50 per 15min block there after

Remote Assistance @ $27.50 per 15 min

Managed Services  $27.50 per computer per month over a 12mth contract


  • New PC and Laptops
  • Upgrades: Mac, PC, Modems and Routers, Surge protection, Software including all Networking and Server needs
  • Office 365 Setup and installation
  • Troubleshooting for Mac and IOS devices also PC and Andriod devices
  • Website and Social Media Design and Management, ask for a quote today!
  • SEO Management, ask for a quote today!
  • Need a custom item? We can find it for you!
  • Soon to be offered, Webinars to subscribe to and learn on the fly!



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