Managed Services

Managed I.T. services for your small or medium business can provide you on-demand I.T. support for equipment and staff.

Unlimited I.T. support for a fixed cost, with proactive monitoring on your infrastructure and workstations included.
We can look after any of your internal I.T. services and provide on-demand remote support.

Managed Services


Home or Enterprise
Managed Services


Windows or Linux
Managed Services

Data Storage

Cloud or Local
Managed Services


Exchange systems
Managed Services


Managed Services


Managed Services

Software Issues

Managed Services

Information Security

Increase company growth

With managed services you can shift time dealing with internal I.T. issues away and more effectively handle other matters for your business. The reliability and efficiency of your managed I.T. services makes your job easier.

Proactive and preventative support

Managed services for businesses includes proactive, preventative support. We will actively work to identify and fix any issues before problems occur.

Complete I.T. solution

You don’t just get everyday I.T. support, you get a dedicated I.T. support personnel. Managed services gives you an I.T. department to fit your organisation.

How much do Managed Services Cost?

Managed Services are billed at $27.50 Per workstation Per month

Need A I.T. Services?

Want to streamline your business I.T.?

  • We are most likely open longer than your business, we have staff available from 9AM to 7PM through the week and 9AM – 12PM on Saturdays. With dedicated support staying after hours for those larger jobs.

  • We respond to all I.T. support on-demand within 1 hour with our average answering time of two minutes! So know that you’re in good hands.

  • Contact us today for a tailored quote and advice.