Remote Security

Since 2008 CCTV camera apps have been popular for allowing people to remotely view their CCTV system from an app on their mobile device. Many security systems come with built in features for remote viewing from anywhere in the world. This lets you know what is going on when you’re not actually home. A CCTV with remote security control is a great tool with value to it.

Some abilities will vary by device, some security cameras will allow you to monitor what is going on in your home through live or recorded video. Some have alarms which can send you notifications via the app when your phone is online or send emails when they detect activity. Some products are now offering two-way audio technology. Most security cameras setups simply send you notifications when they detect any type of activity or movement. Others can identify who or what is causing the motion about the place, also offering face-recognition technology. These specialised units can zoom in on people who enter the field of view, and send alerts when a face is recognised or when an unrecognised faces are detected.

It is highly unlikely that you have never been recorded out and about in the public, either on a CCTV or in the distance on some TV article or news flash, and as society in general we have become more accepting of CCTV and the abilities of it.


Email Alerts from Security systems


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At home and in the office

Having the right support for your system is critical. You do not want just any body giving it a go. Headway Information Services are experienced in CCTV applications and the setup thereof, also we are likely cheaper then you expect. Or maybe your just not sure on what you have within your home. We can perform a onsite diagnosis and recommend remote options which are available to you via your security installer. 

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