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Remote Assistance

Stuck for on demand help with your I.T. setup?

In today’s computerised world, the most secure and efficient way to receive technical computer support is via the internet. Headway Information Services offer comprehensive on demand remote support. Regardless of where you are around the world, keeping you up and running and minimising downtime for your business is the priority. Headway Information Services are available on either a pre-paid remote support service basis or contracted services for existing clients.

Remote Support

Microsoft Outlook

Remote Support

Microsoft Office Programs

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Windows Settings

Remote Support

Apple Settings

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Modem and Router Settings

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Data Backups

Remote Support

AntiVirus Installation and Configuration

Remote Support

Printers, Faxes, and Other External Devices

Please note that if you are having a computer issue, it may be required that the computer be connected to the internet for Headway technicians to offer support.

Remote support software using the latest technology allows Headway to quickly and securely access any computer, laptop, or mobile device to assist with on demand I.T. issues. For example, if you are experiencing an error message while you are trying to use your scanner, a technician can log directly into your system to see what you see and then guide you in resolving the problem at hand. This works much like onsite support and allows you to see how Headway diagnoses the problem and lets you understand the solution.

If you have a staff member that spends a lot more time helping staff members with their computers than they do getting through their own work, then remote support services can help eliminate these efficiency problems and get your office back online faster. Work more effectively by letting Headway take care of your I.T. needs.

If the problem cannot be solved remotely, you may require onsite support. Headway technicians can come to your location with same day service available, subject to business hours.

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Headway Information Services supports small and medium businesses, and provides appropriate and effective solutions for your business needs. Headway will work with your business to help you achieve your goals!


Headway can help you with I.T. issues at your home! Get expert assistance and advice for your home technology setup, including support with personal Windows or Apple PCs, laptops, printers, networking, and any other services you are struggling to complete alone.