Alot of business and personal information these days is stored in the cloud. Many people always ask? What is the cloud, where is my data stored – out there in the cloud? The common term cloud can refer to many big names that provide such a service like Dropbox, One Drive, iCloud, Box Sync – Just to name a few! Alot of these providers often have an included 30 day backup for data that may become compromised; Of course this is always a great fail-safe.

In simple terms the Cloud is just a storage facility or “bank of computers” that store your data and a lot of other peoples data too! Of course all these “computers” have redundancy measures in place to keep your data safe. Now brings the question, I have a computer, and a small business. Can I setup my own private cloud? The answer is YES!

The ever growing private cloud industry is expanding greatly and the technology along with it. Many small businesses are entering the stages and setting up private clouds to run straight out of their office! The Basic requirements for a Private Cloud of your own – A large storage unit for data, often referred to as a NAS or Server system, large storage hard drives, power redundancy and data redundancy. However how much does all this cost! Private Cloud implementations can cost alot less then you may think, some starting as little as 1.5K. However though always contact a professional when setting up your own cloud as hackers can target you and without the correct security you may find yourself with data leaks on the Internet.

So why would I invest in my own cloud? If you own your own hardware and host your own cloud, then you will own that data stored on it, always read the fine print when signing up for a cloud based service to ensure your data is your own!

Alot of Private cloud systems these days also do alot of other cool techy stuff! System are able to host your website – setup a virtual computer that can be shared with people to use when working from home. If you decide to setup a private cloud at home, some of these devices that allow for Private Cloud use can be used as a media centre so all your movies, music and pictures can be shared with smart devices in the home and also outside the home! Sounds too good to be true…


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