More and more products these days are coming built in with RFID chips, Why? To make our life easier when paying at the checkout of course! Don’t forget to scan your passport at the Airport. But if Retailers and Security providers can scan these chips for your information, can others? – YES

Most people may say, this will never happen to me until it does. Unfortunately; the risk is real these days and becoming a victim of cyber theft can be around the corner as credit cards and passports have these chips; which means the threat can extend from identity theft to credit theft.

We are here to tell you that you can prevent this from happening very simply in most cases. Headway Information Services has come across and tested a product called Travel Guard that has proven itself in the field! Headway Information Services has joined in the fight against RFID cyber-threats with the team at Travel Guard; if you are interested in finding out more please follow the link.