Website Security, where do you stand?

Have you noticed lately more and more emails that are coming from your email contacts or even from legitimate businesses with scam emails in relation to a banking transaction or payment error, then to only find out you now have a virus on your computer?

So many people are being targeted by hackers that find security gaps on your website/s that allows access to use your main online presence (being your website) & brand to tarnish a scam from it.

This is why website security patching is one of the main reasons that website maintenance is so important. Just like cars, a website is a big investment that to requires servicing and maintenance on it; a Website’s primary role helps businesses get from A to B in a form to generate income.

So have you left your website to the hackers to take advantage off, or is it time to get some professionals on your team & help patch your website and assist with content and modern updates you might just be missing out on! 

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