Has your business considered Facebook Marketing? Did you know that there is over 2.2 Billion that login to Facebook every month and this figures grows daily!

With social media now almost being mandatory for almost any business it’s no doubt that your audience that you could potential sell to is already online, and your competiors are advertising to them.

If you already use Facebook and are running a Facebook business account, you may have seen the ability to boost a post and drive a budget behind a this to a certain audience. But things get complicated when it comes to staying on top of the trends and also not to mention algorithm changes.

This is why it is always important to have your social media stragey revised by a professional or agency. Companies have reported that sales have been boosted by over 120% when an agency is deployed to setup targeted Facebook advertising.

Headway Information Services can assist with reviewing your social media strategy, we are an Facebook agency and are fully qualified to run social media campaigns that are tailored to your business. Ask us more today.

Make sure your Facebook advertising is as effective as it could be! Make Headway today.