Is SEO still important is this day and age? – Yes. A lot of businesses use SEO and / or use SEO services from outsourced providers and indeed is quite important for your website / online presence to do so.

Beside receiving junk email saying you need SEO from marketers do you really know what SEO does? Two key factors are SEO provides:

  1. Relevant content for the search engine or customers to see your website
  2. Interlinking and providing relative links to content

These factors are important; firstly keeping your content relevant then also wording & image names all relative are vital to rank in where you want to be. This however will only work to a point as others are doing the same thing, or so we hope.

Your content on your website should be something others want to interlink to; like a product for example. Most search engines class interlinking sites as ‘voting’ thus advising the search engines that your site is valued for people searching for the content you may be advertising.

Tip of the day: If you are building your own website, always remember to make the titles of your web pages also relative to the content or what it is your website is focused on! This doesn’t always mean your business name, however a combination of Business name & Industry / Product / Tagline.

Sound all to confusing. Contact us today for a more tailored outline.